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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Beginning Our 25th Season at Tuck Inn Rockport


Twenty-five years ago July, our lives forever changed. We were happily living in Lynn in a house that was finally comfy and cozy for our little family of five. Scott casually announced that his friend and our best man had found an inn for sale in Rockport. With nothing to lose we set off one Sunday and walked through this foreclosed, decrepit leaky-roofed ark of a house reminding me of the house in "It’s a Wonderful Life".

Next the parents took a look. Viv and Burt thought it could work while Mary and Bob left without saying a word, not even good-bye Liz. Our three children were at a good age for a move with our oldest about to enter high school, so that was in our favor. For a month we lost a lot of sleep thinking and worrying, but by August we worked up our courage to sign a P & S and give notice to Scott’s employer. Leaving an unfulfilling job with no appreciation or recognition for a job well done made this an easier decision for Scott.

By October we had passed papers and for the next eight months contractors and a myriad of workmen worked their magic and brought the historic Tuck Inn opened in 1948 back to life. We were ready to welcome our first guests in May, 1992. The role that our family played cannot go unmentioned. Our parents, family and friends stood by us, helped in so many ways and we are eternally grateful for their love and support.

Our closing comment is this - Aim high, take chances and follow your dreams. We have never looked back!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kitchen Remodel is Complete!

The kitchen remodel has drawn to a close and we survived. We re-opened on April 20, 2012 and guests are giving the new space 5 stars. After almost 4 months off we were rusty, but rapidly got back into the swing of things.

Working in a new space with everything but the sink, stove and fridge in a different part of the kitchen takes getting used to. What doesn’t take getting used to is the new light. When we first bought Tuck Inn, there was one long skinny window with an overgrown evergreen just outside obliterating all light. That’s it! In the remodel 20 years ago we replaced the skinny window by the kitchen table with a large three pane casement and added a new one over the sink. Now we have a new banquette with four windows, plus another 4 double hung window and then half the new door is window. In order to maximize the lighting, we opted for small valences above 4 of the new windows versus curtains or shades. We also added an upholstered cushion and decorative pillows in the banquette area for some warmth and added color. The light bathes the entire room, especially the center island marble countertop and marble backsplash around the sinks. When the light hits the marble it shows the depth of the stone and it sparkles. At night when the room is mostly dark, the nightlights make the island stone shimmer like stars.

The cabinets are perfect and the mix of cherry and off-white works great. We are happy with the cabinet styles, placement of drawers/cabinets and placement of appliances. A lot of thought went into the layout because there are often three people working in the kitchen at the same time, along with guests passing through. We all needed to keep out of each other’s way. Scott’s baking station with three corner windows gives him a bird’s eye view of our neighborhood and the admirers of his garden. The iris (pink, yellow, blue and purple) will soon be in bloom along with the 1,000 new bulbs Scott planted last fall. To see someone stop and get out the camera to capture a shot of the gardens is fun for the gardener.

Wendy works by the sink which has been moved slightly away from the baking station. She gets to enjoy the bigger and better view too. My jobs as fruit platter/rhubarb/applesauce maker for the past 20 years had happened on the center work table. Now I am supposed to be on the other side of the room using the new prep sink and counter area. Old habits take time to break and it took a while for me to get used to the new prep area, but it works quite well for me now.

With the help of a lighting designer we have the right type of lighting for each area of the kitchen. No more dark poorly lit kitchen work spaces. The new chandelier above the kitchen table catches the morning sun and leaves rainbows. The lit chandelier at night leaves circular shadows all around the room and especially the ceiling above it. It will remind you of a 60’s disco ball, but it works for this room.

Part of the project involved a new guest kitchen as well. Wait till you see the new countertop and backsplash – it is called Spectralight with a royal blue accent that catches the new energy efficient LED lighting below the cabinets. In the new space for guests you will find a microwave, toaster, dishwasher, electric kettle, fridge for leftovers from restaurant meals, along with plenty of ice in the freezer for drinks. There is a selection of teas, instant coffee and hot chocolate. You will also find countertops for picnic preparation (condiments in the fridge) wine glasses, champagne glasses and an assorted variety of drink glasses in various cabinets above the area.

The last area needing work was the herb garden below the new banquette. The carpenters trampled all the perennial herbs/rhubarb and with the early spring a new crop of herbs and a few vegetables were planted. We were ready for guests. We look forward to showing off and sharing our home with you. We hope you’ll come to visit to soothe your soul, feast on home-baked breads, relax by our pool or the ocean, stroll by the sea and meet new friends at The Tuck Inn B&B. We are ready as we move into our third decade of inn keeping, and we are looking forward to having you come visit and stay with us!